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Todd Palin backs Gingrich


NASHUA, NH -- Newt Gingrich received the backing today of Sarah Palin’s husband, but not from the former Alaska governor -- at least not yet.
The Gingrich campaign says Todd Palin spoke with Gingrich by phone shortly after news of his endorsement spread, coming as a pleasant surprise to the campaign.
“He is going to speak out on behalf of my candidacy and I really appreciate that,” Gingrich told the Nashua Rotary meeting here. It is unclear if Todd will actually campaign with the former speaker. 
What this endorsement will do is begin speculation of a pending endorsement by Sarah, who considered running for president herself this year.
“Todd told Gingrich that he has no idea what Sarah is going to do,” Gingrich campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond told NBC News.
“We look at the endorsement for exactly what it is: one Reagan-conservative supporting another Reagan-conservative,” Hammond said. “It shows that people don’t want a status-quo nominee. They want someone with big ideas who can change Washington.”