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Obama agenda: A fight he wants to have

“President Barack Obama plans to visit the offices of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday and meet with the staff,” the AP writes. “His visit comes just two days after appointing Richard Cordray to lead the watchdog agency, using a Senate recess to circumvent Republican opposition.”

“Declaring that ‘the tide of war is receding,’ President Obama Thursday ordered a shift from the nation's longstanding capability to fight two major conflicts at once,” the New York Daily News reports. “The new strategy, which critics will surely brand as a retreat, calls for being able to fight one major conventional conflict while conducting numerous unconventional operations elsewhere, such as policing actions, counterterrorism and disaster relief.”

As Republicans point out, various fact checkers didn’t think the Obama campaign’s “Promises Kept” Web video is completely accurate.

The Washington Post’s fact checker gives Obama one Pinocchio for what it sees as going too far. FactCheck.org writes, “To be sure, the president signed a major health care law, ended the long war in Iraq and signed multiple ‘middle-class’ tax cuts, just as his campaign boasts. But the health care law isn’t expected to make insurance ‘affordable and available to every single American,’ as Obama promised. And though he pledged to be a president who ‘brings our troops home’ from Iraq, thousands of those U.S. troops are now stationed in neighboring Kuwait. Most glaringly, he has failed at ‘bringing Democrats and Republicans together’ as he so optimistically promised four years ago.”