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Huntsman snags Boston Globe endorsement; ad blitz coming


NEWPORT, NH -- It is a good day to be Jon Huntsman.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

DURHAM, NH - Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, former Utah governor, speaks to employees during a campaign stop Thursday at Goss International.

The former Utah governor will soon have his first television ads hit the airwaves in South Carolina. His major endorsement by the Boston Globe was posted online Thursday evening and will be in Friday's paper.

As he hosted 300-person town hall meeting Thursday in snowy Newport, a pro-Huntsman super PAC, Our Destiny, announced it will launch a television ad blitz in South Carolina on Monday on behalf of Huntsman, according to an organization official. This will be the first ad featuring Huntsman outside of New Hampshire, where he has focused his campaign. The PAC will buy up broadcast and cable spots in the Palmetto state, but did not specify how much would be spent.

Huntsman said he did not know about the ad buy tonight and was "grateful" for the support.

"We need it," he told reporters.

Our Destiny will also spend an additional $300,000 in New Hampshire to extend an ad buy with just 5 days to go before the primary.

These ad buys comes a day after Huntsman announced that he would air his first ad of his own. The $200,000 purchase on New Hampshire's WMUR was half-funded by individual contributions and half supported by a personal contribution of $100,000 by Huntsman and his wife, Mary Kaye.

Thursday night, Huntsman got another boost, announcing that he received the Boston Globe's endorsement for the New Hampshire primary.

The paper, which is widely circulated in southern New Hampshire, said Huntsman would be the "best candidate to seize this moment in GOP history, and the best-prepared to be president."

The editorial was also a lengthy indictment of Massachusetts' former governor, front-runner Mitt Romney. It went so far as to say Huntsman would "be a better president" than Romney.

"While Romney proceeds cautiously, strategically, trying to appease enough constituencies to get himself the nomination, Huntsman has been bold," the editorial said. "Rather than merely sketch out policies, he articulates goals and ideals."

The Globe added it supported Huntsman's education, immigration, economic and foreign policies based on his experience.