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Paul: To vote for other GOP candidates is to support 'status quo'

DES MOINES, Iowa -- At a Des Moines hotel rally this morning with son Rand at his side, Ron Paul says enthusiasm for his limited government message is building ahead of tomorrow's caucus, while warning that a vote for his rivals tomorrow would be a vote for the "status quo."

"Believe me, you don't have to choose another candidate because the others represent the status quo," Paul explained in a stop here after having taken the weekend off to spend the New Year's holiday with family in Texas. "Variations of the status quo, but they're not talking about a foreign policy to defend America, they're talking about mischief around the world and policing the world."

A partition had to be opened by hotel staff inside the Marriott ballroom to make room for a large and vocal crowd, who greeted Paul with chants and cheers of support. A large media presence was also on hand, with more than a dozen still photographers snapping away at the base of Paul's podium.

"Today we're moving in the wrong direction, but the American people are stirring, this is what this campaign has been all about -- this is what the vote is about tomorrow, are we sick and tired of the expansion of government?" the congressman asked the crowd. "The endless spending and the deficit, doing the things they weren't supposed to do and forgetting about doing the things they should be doing?"

"The next generation is here today, that is why we have to change things today and bring back the traditions of America which means liberty, peace and prosperity," Paul said, to applause.

His son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, warmed up the audience promising a Iowa victory. He echoed his father's individual liberties and small government message asking, "anybody here want government to mind their OWN business?!"