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Perry hopes organization can get him a ticket out of Iowa

Rick Perry hopes his money, organization, and a last-minute push can help him to a surprise showing in Iowa.

A source in the campaign says it has signed up 1,500 precinct leaders in preparation for Tuesday's caucuses and that there are more than 450 Texas-based "strike force" volunteers who are in town for the effort as well. (CNN first reported the numbers of Perry’s precinct leaders and ground game.)

There are 1,774 GOP caucus precincts. The aggressive ground game is one reason that aides on the ground here are optimistic that they may outperform polls because advocates at the vast majority of caucus locations will be working to make the last-minute sale on behalf of the governor.

In the latest NBC-Marist poll, Perry was in fourth place at 14%, but just a point behind the surging Rick Santorum, who does not have as strong an organization - which has struggled in the last couple days. Finishing third could be a coup for Perry and provide momentum heading into South Carolina, another conservative -- and also Southern -- state.

The Perry campaign has set up a makeshift headquarters for those out-of-state volunteers at a West Des Moines hotel.