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Super PAC jumps to Paul's defense


A Super PAC supporting Ron Paul -- Revolution PAC -- has produced an online web ad in an effort to push back on racism charges stemming from newsletters published under Paul's name.

In the ad, an African-American man describes in his own words how, in 1972, his white wife had complications with her pregnancy. And in Texas, he says, no doctor would care for her or deliver their bi-racial child.

The man, James Williams, claims one hospital nurse even called the police on them after his continued inquiry. Williams then says Dr. Paul took care of his wife and delivered their baby, which was a stillborn. He says Paul didn't charge them for the service, saying he would take care of everything, and they never received a bill from the hospital.

Yesterday on WHO Radio, Jan Mickelson played a portion of the ad for Paul and C-Span cameras were in the studio. The Texas congressman appeared very touched by this man's words, afterwards saying he didn't remember that specific situation. Paul said it was just the way he practiced medicine.

"That is what I thought my responsibility were, but I never had the knowledge how grateful he was and to me that is magnificent."