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Romney sons work to cement support for their dad in NH


WINDHAM, N.H. -- Four of the five telegenic Romney sons descended upon New Hampshire today to cement support for their dad Mitt as he barnstorms across Iowa.

The Romney sons' trip was the latest in an ongoing effort to showcase the personal, if not quirky, side of the former Massachusetts governor as he tries to solidify his lead ahead of the January 10 primary.

Standing in front of about 40 voters at a quaint homestyle restaurant in southern New Hampshire, Romney's oldest son Tagg introduced his brothers before telling stories of an energetic and thrifty dad who likes to vacation with a packed itinerary.

"Matt is only a year and a half younger. Matt is the smartest of the brothers. Craig is the youngest and funniest of the brothers. Josh is, as you can tell, the most handsome. I'm only the oldest," Tagg said.

"I'm the only one who got stuck with a weird name."

The fifth son, Ben, is a medical doctor busy with a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The four sons entertained supporters with personal nuggets from the Romney family early years, fondly calling their mother Ann a "pushover" for cash when they were kids.

"One thing about him is he is tremendously cheap," Josh told voters over sticky buns and coffee. "We learned as kids never go to my dad if you needed some money to go to the movies. You didn't ask dad because you wouldn't quite get enough to make it to the theater. You'd go to my mom. My mom was easy."

The appearance of the four sons together marks the highest concentration of Romney sons in one place in New Hampshire this campaign cycle. Far more active on the 2008 campaign trail, Josh explained that said their father has tried to keep his sons' family and work lives relatively normal as he ramped up his White House bid.

However, that hasn't kept the sons away.

"My dad took each of us aside and said, 'You guys are not going to do this time what you did last time. I don't want you on the campaign trail. You did too much last time you've got families and careers and you're going to stay at home and keep doing that,'" Josh said. "And we kind of all said 'Okay, Dad.' And the next call we made was to the campaign manager and said, 'Send us out as much as you can.'"

Josh said he usually campaigns about once a week, often with his mom Ann. Jokingly, he jabbed his dad, "He doesn't give me a campaign title, he never gave me a job at any of his companies, so I have taken it upon myself to give myself a title and that's 'campaign manager for Ann Romney for First Lady.' So I get to campaign with my mom a lot and I love it."

When asked about the Huntsman family -- the other family canvassing and tweeting their way across New Hampshire as @Jon2012girls -- Josh appeared unfamiliar with exactly who they are.

"I really don't even know anything about it to be honest with you,"

Josh told a reporter. "We've just been focusing on my dad."

Last week, the New York Times reported that eldest son Tagg (@tromney) wanted to engage with the Huntsman daughters, Abby, Mary Anne and Liddy, on Twitter but the campaign nixed the idea.