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Pro-Romney Super PAC hits Gingrich in mailer


DES MOINES, Iowa -- What is on President Obama’s Christmas list?

It's Newt Gingrich being the eventual Republican nominee, according to a pro-Romney Super PAC.

“President Obama wants just one thing this Christmas,” reads the piece of literature from the political action committee, Restore Our Future.

The mailer goes on to link Gingrich with President Obama -- specifically having both supported taxpayer-funded abortions and redistribution of wealth. (The abortion charge is ironic, given that Romney supported abortion rights until six years ago.)

“Two men. Neither is conservative. Neither is consistent. Neither should be president,” the flip side of the mailer reads.

The Super PAC has been running some $3 million in negative TV ads against Gingrich, as well as releasing numerous mailers with similar messages.

All the Restore Our Future mailers, including this new Christmas one, asks caucus-goers to ask themselves one thing on Jan. 3: “Who is the consistent conservative who can actually defeat President Obama? IT’S NOT NEWT GINGRICH.”