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Gingrich set to be on the ballot in Virginia



The Gingrich campaign might be able breathe a sigh of relief.

After Newt Gingrich's third event in less than 24 hours in Virginia, the former House speaker announced that his campaign has secured enough signatures to be on the ballot in the state.

"It's very exciting to be on the ballot," Gingrich told the crowd in Richmond at a "Virginians With Newt" rally.

"Under the state laws, you have to get, every single congressional district has to have about 400 signatures," he said at what appeared to be one of his smallest crowds in weeks. "So we set out to get 600 per district to make sure that we had more than enough. And we've achieved it."

"I think we're going to file something like 13 or 14 thousand signatures. You need 10 [thousand] to be on the ballot."

The campaign delivered the signatures late Thursday afternoon, a spokesman told NBC News.

NBC'S Matt Loffman contributed to this report.