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Paul campaign leads ad frenzy in NH


NASHUA, NH -- The ad wars in New Hampshire are heating up, and Texas Rep. Ron Paul's campaign reserved the largest of several ad buys in the state just weeks before its primary.

The libertarian-minded congressman has reserved over $160,000 worth of airtime between Dec. 21-27, according to local station WMUR. That's good enough to run 142 spots on morning news, evening news and primetime ABC shows.

The ad Paul will run is an extended, 60-second version of his ad, "The One," which casts him as the only candidate suited to take on the environment in Washington.

It was the largest of several ad buys announced Tuesday.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who's pinned his hopes of winning the GOP nomination on winning the New Hampshire primary, was also the beneficiary of new spending from Our Destiny PAC, the political action committee established on his behalf.

Our Destiny bought just under $100,000 in airtime to air a total of 58, 30-second spots during morning and evening news between the dates of Dec. 20 and Jan. 1. Our Destiny also ran a full-page black and white print advertisement in the New Hampshire Union Leader's front section yesterday with almost the exact same quotes as the television spot.

Huntsman, at a town hall in Nashua, dismissed the importance of Jan. 3's Iowa caucuses in favor of the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary.

"Iowa will do their thing and I believe the results of Iowa will kind of be forgotten in a day or two," Huntsman said. "And then the people of New Hampshire can stand up and you will render a judgment. And I like our position here. We've worked this state harder than anybody else."

Huntsman sits at 2 percent nationally according to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday, but enjoys slightly higher support (13 percent according to a Suffolk/7News survey) in New Hampshire. That's a noticeable rise after wallowing in low single digits for most of the summer and fall.

"This wave effect is happening," Huntsman said in Nashua. This morning's town hall marked his 127th public campaign stop in New Hampshire.

The campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who leads in most polls of GOP primary-goers in the state, doled out about $60,000 for 161, 30-second spots over the same Dec. 21-27 time frame.