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Congress: Not an up-or-down vote

“The stalemate over how and whether to extend an expiring payroll tax cut will drag into Tuesday after House Republicans delayed a planned vote to reject a Senate bill to extend the tax holiday for two months,” msnbc.com’s Michael O’Brien reports.

The New York Times: “[R]ather than have a straight up-or-down vote, the House will implement a procedural maneuver in which they will ‘reject’ the Senate bill while requesting to go to conference with members of that chamber in a single measure, protecting House members from having to actually vote against extending a payroll tax cut. During the conference meeting among Republican members, some members expressed concern about effectively voting for a tax increase on the eve of an election year, said some who attended.”  

The Washington Post adds, “GOP critics of the two-month deal said it would be a half­measure that would not solve the larger problem of stimulating the economy. One House member who had been a businessman argued that “at minimum” it should have been a 90-day extension to match the quarterly schedule on which many corporations pay taxes. ‘That’s logic, but again, what I’m learning down here is we don’t use logic,’ said freshman Rep. James B. Renacci (R-Ohio).”