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Perry: Tebow and I share 'a pulpit'


DUBUQUE, Iowa -- So what's with the Tebow thing?

Gov. Rick Perry earned a chorus of jeers, groans and cheers (depending on one's views of the Bible and/or the AFC West) after last week's debate when he compared himself to Denver Broncos quarterback and outspoken Christian Tim Tebow.

Perry's analogy during the Sioux City Fox News debate focused mostly on critics who said that Tebow's ungainly throwing motion would ultimately make him a benchwarmer in the NFL (much like, Perry claims, those who say his own debating flubs preclude him from an Iowa comeback). But on a tele-town hall Monday night with the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Perry made explicitly clear that his kinship with the Bronco is rooted in their common "pulpit" to spread the word of God.

"He's got a great opportunity being a professional athlete to influence a lot of people. And the way that he has chosen to do that is to express his faith in a public way," Perry said of Tebow. "And from that perspective, he and I are alike in the sense that we know that we've been given this opportunity, we've been given a pulpit."

Perry said that he once struggled to understand God's "mission" for him in life before he went into government and that both he and Tebow are "flawed" in the eyes of detractors.

"I'm all about just doing God's will. And I know that's what Tim's about," Perry said. "I don't have all the answers and TIm's not going to win every game, but I do know that God's got a plan for us.  Both of us."