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Texas moves its presidential primary to April 3

Texas is packing up its 155 delegates and moving its primary date to April, as Republicans and Democrats in the state announced today that they will move the primary to April 3.

The Lone Star State was previously slated join 10 other states and hold its primary on March 6 (Super Tuesday), but a fight over the state’s congressional map forced Texas to push back its primary, and the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments about the issue early next month.

The move is a significant shakeup to the slate of states scheduled to hold contests on Super Tuesday. Texas would have been the largest state to vote that day. And it's not the only change to the March 6 calendar -- Ohio lawmakers this week agreed on a bill moving the Buckeye State’s primary up to Super Tuesday from June. With Texas moving, Ohio will hold the second most delegates of any state on Super Tuesday.

Holding its primary after April 1 would potentially allow Texas Republicans to hold a winner-take-all primary instead of the proportional plan that was in place for March 6. The Republican Party of Texas, however, told NBC News that delegates will still be allotted proportionally.

The saga is not over. A federal panel has to approve the proposed April 3 primary, and Texas still does not have a congressional map. Election officials told the state parties that if a map is not settled by late January, the primary date will likely have to be renegotiated and postponed to an even later date.