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Haley stars in robo-call for Romney


GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Hours after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley endorsed him, Mitt Romney’s campaign is sending out a recorded phone message in which Haley explains why she supports the former Massachusetts governor.

In the robo-call, obtained by NBC News, Haley says she decided to endorse Romney because he is “not a creature of Washington." a veiled jab at House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is currently surging in polls of South Carolina Republican voters.

“Mitt Romney knows what it means to make decisions, real decisions, not simply cast a vote,” Haley says, also implicitly criticizing Gingrich’s long career in Congress.

Haley invites the recipient of the call to join her family and Romneys at a rally this afternoon in Greenville, where she will be appearing with the candidate.

The call was paid for by the Romney campaign.

Full text below:

Hi, this is Gov. Nikki Haley, and this morning I announced my endorsement of Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

I want you to know how and why I came to endorse the man I believe should be our next president.

Mitt Romney knows what it means to make decisions, real decisions, not simply cast a vote. He is not a creature of Washington. He knows how the private economy works, how to fix it, and most importantly how to solve problems. And he has proven it.

Whether by turning around broken companies and a failing Olympics or successfully balancing a budget and cutting taxes in a Democratic state. From where I sit, working every day to bring jobs to South Carolina and keep our budget balanced, Mitt Romney is the best choice. He has the experience, the agenda and the leadership to deliver us the results we deserve.

Please join the Romneys and the Haleys today in Greenville for a rally at the Bowling Springs fire station at 4:30.

Thank you for your time. This call was paid for by Romney for President Inc.