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Pro-Romney SuperPac makes massive ad buy

DES MOINES, Iowa -- For Mitt Romney's campaign and supporters, the cavalry has arrived.

Pro-Romney SuperPac "Restore our Future" announced today it has made a massive $3.1-million-dollar television advertising buy in Iowa, instantly dwarfing any other political ad buys this cycle, and simultaneously highlighting one of Romney's greatest strengths: deep-pocketed supporters.

The 30-second ad, which will debut here in Iowa today, focuses on contrasting Romney with President Obama, and does not mention any of Romney's GOP rivals.

To put this buy into perspective, here has been all the other Iowa ad spending to date (as of Tuesday): Rick Perry $3.9 million; Ron Paul $1.2 million; Make Us Great Again (pro-Perry group) $1.1 million; Romney $322,000; Newt Gingrich $233,000; Rick Santorum $17,000.

In the ad, a narrator says President Obama has failed to create jobs, and highlights Romney's record in the private sector, at the Olympics, and in closing budget deficits in Massachusetts.

Restore Our Future, which can accept unlimited contributions from individuals, but is prohibited from coordinating with the Romney campaign by law, was founded in 2010 by former Romney aides and alumni from his previous presidential campaign.

At the last FEC filing deadline in June, the group had raised $12.2 million dollars from just 86 donors, four of whom wrote $1 million checks.

*** UPDATE *** The Obama re-election campaign released this response to the ad: “Before he was a politician, Mitt Romney was a corporate buyout specialist, eliminating jobs and bankrupting companies while pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, in the final days of the Iowa caucuses, his allies are riding to his rescue, spending millions of dollars in secret, undisclosed donations to promote a candidate who will put Wall Street profit ahead of middle class security.”

*** UPDATE II *** Carl Forti, a 2008 Romney campaign veteran who works for Restore Our Future, correctly points out that his group -- by law -- has to disclose its donors. "The Obama campaign continues to rely on lies and deceit to pull the wool over voters eyes. Restore Our Future is a 527 organization that fully discloses it's donors."