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2012: Gingrich says Romney should thank him for getting rich.

A New York Times/CBS poll is the latest to show Gingrich leading in Iowa. He’s at 31%, Romney’s at 17%, and Paul is at 16%. “Mr. Gingrich is rated more favorably than any of the other six remaining candidates in the race among voters who say they are likely to attend the Republican caucuses in Iowa. He would be supported enthusiastically as his party’s presidential nominee by more voters than any of his rivals, the poll found, and is leading in the head-to-head competition as the campaign here builds. But two-thirds of likely voters remain open to changing their mind.”

BACHMANN: Michele Bachmann’s campaign announced the support of 19 former Herman Cain supporters in South Carolina, including state Rep. Ralph Norman. 

GINGRICH: “Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich took aim at President Obama, denied ever doing any lobbying and called out House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in a wide-ranging interview with Larry Kudlow Tuesday,” CNBC writes.

“The idea that Mitt Romney ought to thank Gingrich for passing legislation to create an environment where Romney and Bain Capital could flourish just dawned on Newt tonight during an appearance on CNBC's The Kudlow Report,” New York magazine writes. “Gingrich told Larry Kudlow that ‘[Romney] should be thanking me. He should be thanking me because I did the macroeconomic things necessary to make his career possible!’”

Reuters profiles Callista Gingrich.

Gingrich Productions sent out this morning to a list that included political press an email with the subject: “Gifts Under $10.00!” NBC’s Brooke Brower reports. It promotes a novel Gingrich wrote called, “Gettysburg: a novel of the civil war.” (It’s just $5.99, but for just $4 more, you can get it autographed.)

ROMNEY: “Massachusetts will make available to the public hundreds of boxes of documents from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's term as governor that have long been locked away, the state said Tuesday. The same agency that is opening the files said it would not pursue an inquiry into the purge of electronic records at the end of Romney's term,” the Boston Globe reports. “The moves come after disclosures that Romney had authorized the purging of emails and other closely-held electronic records at the end of administration.”

The DNC has another web video, called “What is Mitt Hiding?”, hitting Mitt Romney for the $100,000 tab it reportedly cost to replace computers and data removed by the Romney administration in 2006.

“Mitt Romney vows to make his ‘closing argument’ for the GOP presidential nomination, including drawing some sharp distinctions with new front-runner Newt Gingrich,” USA Today writes.

Romney said no to the Donald Trump debate.