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More 2012: 'Occupy' Congress.

MASSACHUSETTS: “Scores of activists converged on the office of Senator Scott Brown today to protest his inability, they said, to deliver jobs to Massachusetts as promised,” the Boston Globe reports. “The demonstrators crammed into Brown’s office in the late morning, some plunking themselves into chairs and couches, to ask for a meeting with the Republican Senator. The Bay State group of about 250 people, many of them unemployed, arrived in Washington Monday night aboard five buses, according to Jason Stephany, the spokesman for MassUniting, which bills itself as ‘a coalition of neighbors, community groups, faith organizations and labor united in the fight for good jobs, corporate accountability, and stronger communities.’ … His office said that although Brown was in town, he was fulfilling his National Guard duties.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: Columbia Fox affiliate WACH reports that Charleston native and Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert wants to help the South Carolina Democratic Party put non-binding ballot referenda back on the primary ballot. Of particular interest to Colbert is Question 4, which asks voters to chose between two options: “Corporations are people” and “Only people are people.”