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Romney Iowa mailer hits Obama

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DES MOINES, IA -- Mitt Romney is attacking President Obama again in a new mailer Iowans received in their mailboxes today.
“What is he worried about?” the two-sided piece of literature asks about the president as he is shown with his head in his hands. “Securing our borders? Building the fence? Protecting Iowa jobs?”
“No. The Obama attack machine is obsessed with ... Mitt Romney,” it says with the “O” of obsessed filled in with the easily recognizable Obama symbol. It also quotes the New York Times and ABC News.
“Illegal immigration is a serious problem,” the backside of the ad reads in bold red letters. ”But Barack Obama has failed to secure our borders.”

Obtained by NBC News

This particular hit on President Obama has been a recurring theme for the Romney campaign -- an attempt to woo GOP voters by emphasizing that Team Obama and the Democratic Party are "worried" about Romney.

The campaign mailer, which has no picture of Romney himself, goes on to list the former Massachusetts governor's plan to end illegal immigration: secure the border, turn off the magnets, and ensure employers can confirm legal status of employees.
“On Jan. 3, caucus for the candidate with a plan to end illegal immigration,” this new mailer reads.
The Romney campaign sent out its first wave of campaign literature the weekend of Thanksgiving. One piece also focused on illegal immigration and listed the three points Romney was “the strongest Republican to beat Barack Obama and end illegal immigration.” Those points were similar to the ones seen on this ad, however, his stance on the border from the November piece just states he “supports building a border fence” but in this ad, he “supports a high-tech border fence.”