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Bachmann says her campaign's been flooded with former Cain backers


COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said he campaign has been inundated by former supporters of Herman Cain looking to join the Bachmann team.

Bachmann wouldn't estimate how many Cain fans had jumped to support her effort, but said "our phone has been ringing off the hook."

“I just want to say how grateful I am and our campaign is for all of the people who are calling our campaign offices who were formerly Herman Cain supporters,” Bachmann said before an event in Myrtle Beach where she signed copies of her book, “Core of Conviction.”

Cain, a once-popular presidential candidates among GOP primary voters, announced Saturday that he was suspending his campaign amidst the damage a string of alleged instances of sexual harassment and an affair had done to his campaign. Rival Republican candidates have scrambled to court Cain voters in the meanwhile.

Bachmann held six book signings during a three-day swing through South Carolina.