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Congress: Are Dems winning the message war?

“Senate Republicans countered a Democratic plan to tax millionaires and billionaires Wednesday with a proposal that implicitly acknowledged the strength of the Democrats’ message but fell short of its substantive goal,” Roll Call writes. “In a $111 billion framework aimed at extending President Barack Obama’s payroll tax cut, the GOP’s proposal mentioned the word ‘millionaires’ five times, noted ‘billionaires’ twice and misspelled the name of one of the world’s richest men — investor Warren Buffett — three times. But the plan to pay for a one-year extension of the payroll tax cut finds most of its savings from placing a three-year pay freeze on federal workers and cutting the government workforce by 10 percent, or by about 200,000 job.”

“Democrats have unleashed a concerted, coordinated effort to undercut GOP candidates in competitive Senate and House races by charging them with blocking an extension of a payroll-tax cut — even though the Republican leadership has made it clear that it supports it,” The Hill reports.

“The House Ethics Committee on Wednesday indicated that it may need to extend the contract of the independent counsel it hired to examine the botched investigation of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), carrying the investigation into next year,” Roll Call writes.