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Obama agenda: 'I'm going to need another term to finish the job'

“President Obama went on a buckraking blitz through the city Wednesday, tapping wealthy donors at three coffer-boosting fundraisers,” The New York Daily News writes.

And check out what he said, per the Daily News: “ ‘It's time for us to refocus and make sure that we understand that 'change we can believe in' was never going to be change overnight,’ Obama said at the glitzy Gotham Bar and Grill in the East Village, where donors forked over $25,800 each to hobnob with the commander-in-chief. ‘Rather it's gonna be a slow, steady progression during which this aircraft carrier that we call United States of America slowly shifts in a direction that promises more opportunity.’” And: “I’m going to need another term to finish the job,” he said.

Per NBC’s Kristen Welker, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today met with Myanmar’s president, Thein Sein, telling the president: “I am here today because President Obama and myself are encouraged by the steps that you and your government have taken to provide for your people.” President Thein Sein called Clinton visit “historic” and a “new chapter” for Myanmar. Clinton presented Maynmar’s president with a letter from President Obama. The meeting took place at the presidential palace in Nay Pyi Taw and lasted several hours.

In her remarks to reporters after the meeting, Secretary Clinton said while the progress that Myanmar has taken is welcome, it is just a start, Welker adds. She called on the country to release all political prisoners, hold free and fair elections, and sever its “illicit ties with North Korea.” The U.S. has long suspected that Mynamar might be working with North Korea to obtain nuclear weapons. Taking a frank tone, Clinton said, “The most consequential question facing this country is not its relationship with America or any other nation. It is whether leaders will let their people live up to their God-given potential and claim their place at the heart of a Pacific Century? Or will this country, once again, be left behind?”