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Cain doesn't rule out leaving race, to decide in 'another few days'


Manchester NH -— With the future of his campaign in question, Herman Cain did not rule out leaving the race, saying once again he will “reassess and reevaluate” the impact of recent events on his family, his campaign strategy and fundraising for “another few days.” Cain indicated he will make his final decision on the campaign when he sees his wife face-to-face this Friday.

“There’s some people who thought that I was finished but I’m going to leave it with Yogi Berra’s comment, ‘It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!’ And it ain’t over yet,” Cain bellowed to volunteers into his tightly-packed New Hampshire headquarters on Wednesday evening.

Yet just minutes later at a press conference, Cain did not explicitly rule out dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination, calling the accusations against him “character assassinations.” Cain has been accused by four women of inappropriate sexual misconduct. Ginger White is the fifth to come forward.

“We are going to reevaluate,” Cain said, after a one-day bus tour in Ohio today. “We had a strategy up until last weekend, we might reprioritize.”

Cain admitted he has not yet spoken to his wife Gloria face-to-face about the most recent allegations of a 13-year extramarital affair by Georgia-based Ginger White. Cain said he has spoken to his wife by phone.

“I have discussed this with my wife many times since Monday,” he told reporters. “She’s doing great.”

Cain also plans to discuss the future of the campaign with her when he returns home to Atlanta on Friday. As of now, the Georgia businessman plans to unveil the third pillar of his major policies, his energy plan, but did say much depended on his conversation with his wife this weekend.

In the aftermath of the allegation by White, Cain also conceded that cash flow to the campaign has slowed down significantly.

“A few of our warm weather supporters have gotten off the Cain train,” he told voters, before quickly adding that fundraising in the last few days is “picking up.”

The former pizza magnate also emphasized that this reassessment was “not a knee-jerk” reaction to the recent sexual allegations against him. However, he declined to comment on how this recent spate of news has caused his campaign to publicly reevaluate his position in the GOP race for the first time since entering.

Cain continues his New Hampshire visit tomorrow afternoon with a meeting with the Union Leader newspaper editorial team, despite the fact they endorsed Newt Gingrich on Sunday. It will be broadcast C-SPAN.

GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have begun to engage each other with gentle jabs, suggesting they now see the nomination as a two-man race. Meanwhile, Herman Cain tried to rally enough support to stay in the race. NBC's Lisa Myers has more.