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Perry campaign denies shake-up

Officials for Rick Perry's campaign denied a staff shake-up on Tuesday, maintaining that Rob Johnson is still the campaign's manager and Dave Carney is in charge of the New Hampshire effort.

"I talked to Rob [Johnson] this morning, he's still the campaign manager," spokesman Mark Miner told NBC News in response to reports that Johnson and New Hampshire-based aide Dave Carney had been shifted into reduced roles in the campaign.

Reuters reported that Joe Allbaugh, a veteran of George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, had taken over as campaign manager, and that Tony Fabrizio had become a senior strategist.

Perry's aides have shifted the nature of their roles as of late, especially as the campaign works to recover from a tumble in the polls driven by Perry's poor debate showings. But two other scources with knowledge of the campaign's structure said they weren't aware of any recent changes.