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Cain on campaign status: '9-9-9. We're doing fine'

Herman Cain responded to a question from NBC News in Michigan today about whether he has plans to drop out of the presidential race. Cain said, "9-9-9. 9-9-9. We're doing fine."


HILLSDALE, MI -- Herman Cain brushed off a question about whether he plans to drop out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination, returning to a familiar refrain: his "9-9-9" tax plan.

Ahead of a foreign policy speech planned this evening in Michigan, Cain dodged a question about whether he plans to abandon his presidential ambitions after having told staff this morning that he would spend the next two days reassessing his campaign.

"9-9-9. 9-9-9. We're doing fine," Cain told NBC News upon leaving his hotel at Hillsdale College for his speech on campus tonight.

Cain's campaign has downplayed the reassessment, framing it as a routine examination of the campaign's trajectory.

"Mr. Cain told staff simply that, just as every time significant events occur, a reassessment is prudent," deputy campaign manager Linda Hansen said this afternoon. "A good businessman looks at the entire landscape before making decisions. He is, and has been, committed to promoting the issues and solutions that will make this nation stronger. Nothing about that has changed."