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Gingrich: No comment on Cain affair story

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has denied having a 13-year affair with Ginger White, an Atlanta businesswoman who claims an intermittent relationship with Cain that ended a few months ago. NBC's Lisa Myers reports.

Although he’s previously had words of support of Herman Cain in the midst of his sexual harassment allegations, Newt Gingrich refused to comment tonight on a woman’s claim tonight that she had an affair with the former Godfather’s CEO.

When asked by NBC News if he had a comment on “Herman Cain” (before the reporter could finish the question), Gingrich responded, “No. Nope, nope, nope. No comments.”

Asked if he knew what the reporter was trying to ask, Gingrich said, “I thought it was possible.”

Gingrich then waved goodbye to the reporter’s camera. 

The former House speaker spoke positively of Cain, and his ability to address the allegations of sexual harassment against him, on November 11th during an appearance on CBS’s Early Show.

NBC's David Gregory and Chuck Todd discuss the impact the extra-marital affair claims against GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain will have on Cain's campaign and the overall Republican field.

“Up to now he seems to have satisfied most people that the allegations aren't proven, and that having people who hold press conferences isn't the same as a conviction. So I think people are giving him the benefit of the doubt,” Gingrich had said.