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DNC spending just $14k on new TV ad


Earlier today, we warned that the DNC's new TV ad buy hitting Mitt Romney probably isn't that big of a buy.

And according to an ad-tracking source, that's correct -- the DNC is spending just about $14,000 on it from Nov. 28 through Nov. 30.

By the way, the same source breaks down all the TV ad spending so far through 2011. Among the GOP presidential candidates:
-- Perry $2.8 million (including the campaign's national FOX buy)
-- Paul $2.1 million
-- Romney $134,000
-- Cain $78,900

Among the Super PACs:
-- Our Destiny PAC (pro-Huntsman Super PAC): $1.4 million
-- Make Us Great Again (pro-Perry PAC): $775,000

And among the national political parties:
-- DNC $6.8 million

*** UPDATED *** Sources say the buy size of the new DNC TV ad is now $22,000 -- after the DNC purchased nearly $8,000 on cable in the DC area.