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More 2012: Mean Girls

KANSAS: Really - Gov. Sam Brownback’s office flagged a tweet from a teenager who said something mean about him and got her in trouble with her school principal?

SOUTH CAROLINA: “Beaufort County and three other counties have not decided whether to ask the S.C. Supreme Court to reconsider a decision requiring them to conduct next year's GOP presidential primary,” the Beaufort Gazette reports. “The S.C. Election Commission wants county election boards to conduct the Jan. 21 Republican primary. Beaufort, Greenville, Spartanburg and Chester counties filed a lawsuit in October arguing that there's no legal requirement that they do so.”

TEXAS: Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D) announced his retirement Saturday. The seat should remain in Democratic hands: “Gonzalez succeeded his father, Rep. Henry Gonzalez, in 1998. Henry Gonzalez served 38 years in Congress and was the first Hispanic Member elected from Texas.  The Texas Tribune reported that State Rep. Joaquin Castro (D), who was running in the new 35th district, will switch to run for this newly open seat. That clears the way for former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez's expcted announcement next week that he will run in the new 35th.”