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Pro-Huntsman group ups its ad buy

MANCHESTER NH -- The Huntsman campaign has lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The cash-strapped one-state operation will be seeing more of its candidate's face on the air -- thanks to a holiday television ad buy from the pro-Huntsman Our Destiny PAC.

According to a source familiar with the ad buy, Our Destiny PAC spent $650,000 to run television ads on broadcast and cable stations across New Hampshire from November 24 to 27. Another source puts the buy's size at $671,000.

The ad the Super PAC will air is the same "Someone" spot that debuted earlier this month, featuring actors' testimonials on the economy followed by a bold, flashy list of Huntsman's credentials. The spot will air in 30-second and 60-second variations.

This is the second ad buy by Our Destiny, a super PAC that is believed to be funded in part by the former Utah governor's billionaire father. Earlier this month, Huntsman told reporters he had not spoken to his father about advertising or the PAC.

"Anything from the outside that serves to bolster our efforts in New Hampshire, I am mighty grateful for," Huntsman said after a town hall meeting in Portsmouth.

The question remains how effective this advertising is for Huntsman, who remains in single digits here in New Hampshire. In today's New Hampshire Suffolk University/7News poll, Huntsman received support from just 9% of likely Republican primary voters, whereas Mitt Romney leads with 41%.

These numbers have not stopped Huntsman from barnstorming the state in the final seven weeks of campaigning, hoping to scoop up support from the wide swath of undecided voters. Huntsman has held more than 105 events in the Granite State, and many of the stops are populated with handfuls of curious undecided voters still searching for a candidate to back. The campaign says it's seizing on the opportunity to win over independents, and in step with that strategy, it has planned an aggressive town hall schedule this weekend across New Hampshire. The first-in-the-nation primary is Jan. 10.

Tonight's GOP debate on foreign policy and national security is also another opportunity for Huntsman to break out into more public view. Huntsman -- who has served as ambassador to China and Singapore -- has by far the lengthiest foreign policy resume of the field.

"Gov. Huntsman will demonstrate he has unique, deep foreign policy experience and distinguish his view of the United States' role in the world from the others on stage," spokesman Tim Miller told NBC News.