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Romney says he 'followed the law' disposing Mass. governor records

By NBC's Jo Ling Kent

Manchester, N.H. -- Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said in New Hampshire on Friday that he "followed the law" when disposing of documents as he left office as governor of Massachusetts in 2007. 

Brian Snyder/Reuters

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks Friday at the Devine Millimet-Manchester Chamber of Commerce Forum in Manchester, N.H.

Following a campaign stop at a lunch sponsored by the New Hampshire Union Leader and Salvation Army, Romney responded to the Boston Globe story that said his staff wiped its server clean and purchased the existing hard drives from the office to prevent access to his administration's records when he departed. Walking to his vehicle today, Romney told the CBS Boston affiliate WBZ said his aides "all followed the law exactly as it is written."

Romney also said his aides "actually put 700 boxes of information in the archives that wasn't even required."

Throughout his day of campaigning, Romney refused to elaborate on the exact reason or motivations behind his administration's actions, despite many opportunities to address the situation. When Romney departed his second campaign stop -- a town hall meeting in Manchester Friday afternoon -- he declined to respond to repeated questions from NBC News and other news outlets and took no questions.

Romney continues campaigning Saturday with a town hall-style event in Peterborough.