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Clinton comments on Keystone XL pipeline, GOP presidential field

In her interview with NBC's Chuck Todd from Bali, Indonesia, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered short, but notable comments on two hot domestic topics: the Keystone XL pipeline project and the 2012 Republican presidential contest.

Clinton said she couldn’t comment on how long it will take for the State Department to reach a decision on alternate routes for the pipeline project. “It's a largely technical, scientific process. Since I'm neither, I can't really comment on how long it would take to do properly,” she said.

The State Department had originally intended to reach a decision by the end of this year. Clinton said the State Department is looking into the project from all angles.

“We have experts who are working on this, and they reached a conclusion after having done all this work,” Clinton said. “[They] listened to all these different voices on both sides of the debate, that there had to be attention paid to a potential other routing and so that's what they're now about the business of doing.”
When asked if she thought any of the 2012 Republican candidates are ready to answer the “3:00 a.m.” phone call she made famous in a 2008 presidential campaign ad, Clinton avoided a direct answer, saying she is “out of politics” and “very proud of the leadership that President Obama has shown.”

“I honestly haven't been paying a lot of attention,” Clinton said when pressed again. “I’ve been a little busy.”