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Pelosi mocks Perry's debate challenge


Rick Perry found himself on the receiving end of some mocking by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who rebuffed Perry's challenge to a debate on Monday.

Pelosi, at her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, dispensed with Perry's debate request by mocking the Texas governor's flub last week at a debate with fellow Republicans.

He did ask if I could debate here in Washington on Monday. It is my understanding that such a letter has come in," Pelosi said. "Monday I'm going to be in Portland in the morning, I'm going to be visiting some of our labs. I'm in California in the afternoon, that's two. I can't remember what the third is."

Perry's been riding a wave of government reform messaging, having called for reforms to Congress, including term limits for lawmakers and new rules that would see lawmakers jailed for insider trading. (Pelosi, along with Republicans, was the subject of a "60 Minutes" piece on congressional insider trading.)

Perry's campaign struck back on Twitter: ".@NancyPelosi Perhaps the third activity that you have forgotten is the ongoing insider trading?"