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Cain asked Kissinger to be Secretary of State

Herman Cain, who has struggled to explain his foreign policy, also said in that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interview yesterday that he offered Henry Kissinger to be his Secretary of State, if he's elected president.

Kissinger, who's 88, "turned down my offer," Cain said. "He said he's perfectly happy doing what he's doing."

During the height of the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding Cain earlier this month left Washington, D.C., where he had several events, to meet with Kissinger in New York City.

Cain said others he's spoken to, who he'd consider for his cabinet, include:

- K.T. McFarland, who worked at the Pentagon under Caspar Weinberger and who more recently lost badly to Hillary Clinton for Senate in 2006;
- Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC);
- John Bolton, the former Ambassador to the U.N.; and
- Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Cain said he "wholeheartedly supports" Paul Ryan's plan to phase out Medicare.

The paper has also published several other video excerpts, with topics including: collective bargaining, Occupy Wall Street, former President Bush's foreign policy, Iran, his experience, African-American support, support with women, campaign finance, his staff, and "ObamaCare".

Huffington Post first noted the Kissinger offer from the interview. More video here.