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Perry to run second wave of ads in N.H.

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Rick Perry's campaign signaled Tuesday that they will soon hit the airwaves again in New Hampshire with a new television ad.

The Perry campaign officially requested to purchase 26 new thirty-second spots to run on ABC-affiliate WMUR from November 15-21, costing $21,800.

However, the ad is unlikely to air on the requested dates. According to WMUR, payment has not yet arrived and the spot is still being produced according to a senior source close to the Perry campaign.

When it does appear on Granite State televisions, the ad will run on local morning and evening news as well as during primetime programming.

Earlier this fall, the Perry campaign doled out $45,375.00 for 72 thirty-second spots on WMUR. Both of these week-long buys pale in comparison to the recent purchase by the pro-Huntsman Our Destiny PAC, which spent $132,850 on 52 one-minute and thirty-second ads. It went on air this morning.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul's campaign also ran ads earlier this fall on WMUR.