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Bachmann to add to S.C. team today

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Michele Bachmann will announce two additions to her South Carolina team this morning, including a state campaign chairman -- state Sen. Lee Bright, a man who pushed an anti-federal health care law through the statehouse, and boasted, "If at first you don't secede, try again."

The other, Rep. Bill Chumley is a career landscaper, who launched a primary battle last year against a two-term Republican legislator and almost doubled his opponent's vote total. Chumley will help in the socially conservative Upstate region of the state.

Both men come from the city of Spartanburg, which is located just south of the North Carolina line.

Bright, first elected in 2008, is an outspoken proponent of states’ rights. He received national attention earlier this year when he introduced a bill that proposed studying the adoption of a state currency as a protection against “a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System.”

His "secede" remarks followed the passage of a separate bill affirming South Carolina's rights under the Second, Ninth, and 10th amendments -- dealing with guns, individual rights, and states' rights, respectively. The bill also repudiated the federal health care law, and seemed to burnish Bright’s reputation as a conservative with a strict understanding of the constitution –- an outlook shared by Bachmann and her team of advisers.

"Lee Bright's attitude is, he's just fed up with the way federal government is acting,” said Wesley Donehue, Bachmann’s South Carolina communications director. He added, “[He's] sick of it like a lot of us are.”

Bright told NBC, “The folks of South Carolina are tired of settling. They want a true conservative, and I believe Michele Bachmann is a true conservative.”