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Elizabeth Warren up with her first TV ad

Responding to an attack ad by the Karl Rove-backed group Crossroads GPS that targets her, Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) is airing her first TV ad.

And the 60-second ad is a bio spot: “For years, I worked to expose how Wall Street and the big banks are crushing middle-class families," Warren says in it. "It just isn’t right. I stood up to the big banks and their army of Washington lobbyists. I worked to hold them accountable. I led the fight for a new agency to protect consumers -- and we got it. But Washington is still rigged for the big guys. And that’s got to change.”

Warren's website also urges supporters to "contribute now to help us match Karl Rove's negative ad buy."

The earlier Crossroads GPS ad linked Warren to the violence at Occupy Wall Street protests (with the sighting of a Che Guevara poster).