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Obama agenda: Iran targeted by the CIA?

“In public Sunday, President Obama was at a summit unsuccessfully leaning on Russia and China to back diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s nuke program,” the New York Daily News writes. “In private Sunday, there was more evidence of an efficient and brutal covert operation that continues to degrade Iran’s military capabilities. Iranian officials revealed that one of the 17 men killed in a huge explosion at a munitions depot was a key Revolutionary Guard commander who headed Iran’s missile program. … Iran said the army base explosion was an accident and the new Duqu virus was contained. But Israeli newspapers and some U.S. experts said it appeared to be more from an ongoing secret operation by the CIA and Israel’s Mossad to eliminate Iran’s nuclear threat.”

“Using some of his toughest language yet against China, Obama, a day after face-to-face talks with President Hu Jintao, demanded that China stop ‘gaming’ the international system and create a level playing field for U.S. and other foreign businesses,” msnbc.com writes. President Obama said of China, “Enough’s enough. … "We're going to continue to be firm that China operate by the same rules as everyone else. We don't want them taking advantage of the United States." And: “He said China, which often presents itself as a developing country, is now ‘grown up’ and should act that way in global economic affairs.”

At APEC in Hawaii, Obama also criticized the GOP field on using torture, the New York Post writes: “Let me just say this: They’re wrong. It’s contrary to our ideals. That’s not who we are. That’s not how we operate.”

A Politico/GW poll shows Obama’s approval at 44%-51%. He also beats Romney 49%-43%, but is tied with a generic Republican, 43%-43%.

“With her mother’s cadence and her father’s gift for extemporaneous speaking, Chelsea Clinton wowed the crowd Saturday night at a major fund-raiser for the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston,” The Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson reports, pointing out that “Most Americans have never heard Chelsea Clinton speak, even though she is 31.”

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steps down as Secretary of State, it will be the first time a Clinton hasn’t held government office since 1982.