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Obama agenda: Punting the Keystone XL issue

“The announcement … by the Obama administration delaying a final decision on the Keystone XL pipeline until after the 2012 elections gets President Barack Obama out of a jam that pitted two key constituencies for him, labor unions and environmentalists, against each other, but it received an immediate rebuke from the GOP,” Roll Call writes. “Obama portrayed the decision as one guided by health and safety… But the GOP — and business leaders — pounced.” House Speaker Boehner: “More than 20,000 new American jobs have just been sacrificed in the name of political expediency.”

“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he intends to press for ‘full accountability’ of those Air Force personnel involved in the mismanagement of fallen U.S. soldiers’ remains,” The Hill writes, adding, “The White House had balked at the subpoena, arguing it is too broad. White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler told committee lawmakers that she would provide documents if Republicans narrowed their request.”

“The White House agreed Thursday to provide House lawmakers with internal communications related to the $535 million Solyndra loan guarantee, Republicans said,” The Hill writes.

Reggie Love, President Obama’s body man, is leaving the White House.