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What Virginia Republicans appear to have accomplished

While there's uncertainty over whether Virginia Republicans captured control of the state Senate -- due to a stronger-than-expected Democratic showing -- a top aide to Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) emails First Read this list of what Republicans accomplished last night (assuming they hold on to the Senate race they're currently leading by 86 votes):

· Republicans picked up 8 seats in the House of Delegates
· Republicans now have 68 seats in the House, the most in history. This counts Lacey Putney, Independents, who caucuses with the Republicans
· Republicans won 13 of 14 open seats in the House
· Republicans defeated 3 incumbents in the House
· Republicans have won a working majority in the Senate
· Republicans gained two seats to make it 20-20 with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling holding the decisive tie-breaking vote
· Republicans won 3 of 5 open seats in the Senate
· Republicans defeated 2 incumbents in the Senate


· Last night was historic in Virginia
· Given the current election results, the GOP will control Virginia’s Executive Mansion, State Senate and House of Delegates for only the second time since Reconstruction ended 141 years ago