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GOP Supercommittee chairman says expect 'something soon'

In 19 days, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, i.e. “The Super Committee,” must report to Congress a plan to trim $1.2 trillion dollars off the United States’ national debt. Many members of Congress are nervous about whether the committee can reach their target goal on time.

“I think the mood is one of nervousness,” House Speaker John Boehner said yesterday, “I think there's pressure on both sides of the isle on the Super Committee and, frankly, on leadership on both sides of the isle in both chambers. We have to come to an agreement.”

While the Speaker may be anxious, the top Republican on the committee he assigned to the job is playing it cool.

“I haven't changed my position from Day One. I continue to approach this process with high hopes and tempered expectations,” said Chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) when asked by NBC if he was nervous, “and I continue to have high hopes and tempered expectations.”

Hensarling also seemed to hint that some semblance of a bipartisan deal from the Super Committee could be announced soon.

“I just left a meeting with Sen. Murray,” (D-WA), his counterpart on the Super Committee. “We continue to negotiate. When we have something to announce you may not be the first people to hear it, but I assure you, you will hear something soon."