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Jenny Sanford jumps to Cain's defense

Jenny Sanford, the ex-wife of former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, has written an op-ed in praise of Herman Cain.

The most poignant parts of the editorial (published today in The State newspaper) are when she condemns the media, calling it “over-focused… on the small, the controversial and the sensational.” (She never mentions Cain’s sexual harassment allegations directly).

“They will focus on the arrows being thrown at candidates and their proposals instead of challenging others to propose new solutions,” she writes of the media. 

She then adds that she is familiar with media focusing more on candidates’ personal conduct than policies.

“I know this story well," she writes. "A ‘fresh face’ appears on the political scene and puts forth new proposals that challenge the status quo and then is attacked viciously on his proposals and then his character. Many of these challengers don’t make it; some shouldn’t.”

Sanford’s experience here is two-fold: First, she was at the time married to Gov. Sanford, when he revealed that he was having an affair with an Argentine woman. Before that news surfaced, Sanford was considered a likely and promising candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Second, Jenny Sanford also endorsed then-Rep. Nikki Haley (who was a "fresh face" given that her opponents had been in South Carolina politics for much longer than she) in the 2010 gubernatorial election. Haley was also the subject of allegations of an affair by a South Carolina blogger. Rather than deter voters, those unsubstantiated charges seemed to help coalesce supporters around her.

"Time will tell if Herman Cain becomes the next political newcomer to be elected," Jenny Sanford adds of Cain, "and I, for one, am thankful he's in the presidential race."