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Obama agenda: Obama at the G20

“President Obama plunged into the midst of Europe’s rapidly disintegrating debt deal on Thursday, arriving in this iconic seaside town to exhort European leaders to get their financial house in order,” the New York Times says. “During an initial meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Mr. Obama called a resolution of the European financial crisis the most important task facing world leaders gathered at the Group of 20 summit and largely stuck to his administration’s overall message that Europe’s leaders must ‘flesh out details’ about the plan they announced last week to deal with the debt crisis in the euro zone countries.”

Politico’s Ben Smith: “[A]s the president’s re-election team begins in earnest to attack Mitt Romney, Obama faces one of the most difficult tests of his political career: to tear down Romney without getting a single smudge of dirt on his own shirtfront - a trick he has performed deftly in previous races.”