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Bachmann on Rollins: 'There are some things I will never understand'

Talk to the hand: Rep. Michele Bachmann hit back at former senior aide, who called her campaign a "mess."

DES MOINES, Iowa, and WASHINGTON -- Congresswoman Michele Bachmann swatted back at former campaign manager Ed Rollins, who has derided her presidential campaign as "a mess."

“There are some things I will never understand, put it that way,” the Minnesota congresswoman said during an appearance here on WHO Radio this morning after being asked about Rollins by host Jan Mickelson.

Bachmann quickly pivoted to why she is running for president -- building a border fence, getting rid of subsidies for illegal immigrants, making English the official language, cutting taxes, decreasing business regulations and repealing “Obamacare.”

That’s when Mickelson politely reminded her of his question, “I think the two words I asked was, Ed Rollins.”

Bachmann replied with a laugh, “You did!”  The presidential hopeful then glanced over at her staff sitting in the studio and said, “I don’t understand that, but I do understand why I’m running.”