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Bachmann announces S.C. team, but only one is really new

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- While Michele Bachmann’s campaign “announced” its seven-member South Carolina campaign staff today, only one of those members is actually a new hire to the team.

The staffing announcement comes as Bachmann will be returning to the Palmetto State early next week, according to sources in the campaign.

Following a trial period with the campaign last weekend, political strategist Wesley Donehue will be joining the team full time as a South Carolina consultant and South Carolina communications director. Donehue will also help the campaign with national new media outreach.

While senior South Carolina adviser Ron Thomas and state campaign director Sheri Few were both in fact listed as “previously announced” staffers, most of the other members of the Bachmann South Carolina team have been on the ground here for months.

The three regional coordinators listed today, Natalie Lennon (Upstate), Patsy Dabney (Midlands) and Taylor Mason (Lowcountry) were being paid by the campaign at least since July, according to the Bachmann campaign’s quarterly FEC report that month.

Gavin Smith, announced today as Few’s assistant, was listed on the Bachmann campaign’s October FEC disbursement report.