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Romney's Obama bracketing continues -- with affiliate interviews

As Herman Cain contends with the media scrum and as Rick Perry has begun his TV ad blitz in Iowa, Mitt Romney has kept a relatively low profile so far this week.

And that's given him time to continue bracketing President Obama. After the president yesterday conducted interviews with nine local TV affiliates, as well as with Hearst Television, Romney's campaign reached out to these same affiliates. And today, Romney has interviews with three of them: KUSA in Denver; WTVT in Tampa, FL; and KTRK in Houston.

Earlier this morning, the Romney campaign also released an email jabbing at Obama's statements in these affiliate interviews. “President Obama has stepped off his campaign bus and taken the Magical Misery Tour nationwide," said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement. "Unfortunately, more political rhetoric and blame-shifting can’t make up for the abject failure of President Obama’s policies over the last three years. Americans know that it’s time for new leadership in the White House.”