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Americans for Prosperity TV ad hits Obama on Solyndra

Here come the TV ads hitting President Obama on Solyndra.

Americans for Prosperity -- the political organization that has received financial assistance from conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch -- says it's beginning a $2.4 million TV advertising blitz with a spot highlighting the failed clean-energy company that received a loan guarantee from the Obama administration.

The ad will air in Virgina, Florida, New Mexico, and Michigan.

(Note: Koch Industries is heavily involved in the petroleum business, and thus is hardly a champion of clean-energy companies.)

*** UPDATE *** Priorities USA's Bill Burton responds to this TV ad: “Never has it been so obvious that the Koch brothers political activity is motivated by preserving and growing their multi-billion dollar oil empire. It is against our nation’s interests to cede the clean energy industry to China. Americans of all parties support investing in clean energy because it will create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and stop billionaire oil executives like the Koch Brothers from profiting just because energy prices are high.”