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Cain: 'What part of no don't some people understand?'

Herman Cain took no questions after speaking to the conservative group Docs4PatientCare -- despite organizers just moments before telling reporters there would be time for questions.

Cain spoke for just five minutes and right before he took the podium, an organizer told reporters there would be no questions because of time.

As reporters confronted Cain while walking from his speech to the news conference room, he said, "Let me say one thing, I'm here with these doctors and that's what I want to talk about, so don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, OK? Don't even bother."

Reporters then began shouting out questions.

"What did I say?” Cain said. “Excuse me. Excuse me!"

Reporters continued to pepper him with questions as he walked and security saying, "Step back."

"What part of no don't some people understand?" Cain said.