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Obama agenda: Proving that all politics is local

It's not uncommon for the president to do quick interviews with local news stations as he's traveling around the country.  But yesterday’s setup at the White House was a little unusual, NBC’s Shawna Thomas reported. The White House invited 10 stations, including three NBC affiliates, WAVY, KUSA and KGW, to send anchors to interview the president and then report live from the White House South Lawn.  While the local stations had questions specific to their areas, the president used the time to further push the components of the American Jobs Act.

The president in an interview with WAVY harkened back to the Clinton years: "One way of looking at it is we tried this experiment in the 90s under Bill Clinton. We had slightly higher tax rates. Everybody was paying their fair share. Twenty-two million jobs created and by the way businesses did better than ever. Between 200 and 2010 we lowered those rates for people at the very top and we had very little job growth. So we've tried both approaches."

Tom Schaad from WAVY said in a lunch with White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe, Plouffe explained how stations were chosen. “They selected certain stations, No. 1 TV stations, in certain markets in certain states,” Schaad said. “One from each state that they thought was very important to get this message out about the jobs bill.”