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Cain promises 'full investigation' into benefits from nonprofit

Herman Cain said he had authorized a "full investigation" Tuesday into whether his campaign received improper benefits from a Wisconsin charity cofounded by his campaign manager.

Cain promised to look into a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story reporting that Prosperity USA, a nonprofit started by campaign manager/chief of staff Mark Block and Linda Hansen, Cain's deputy campaign manager/chief of staff, had paid for about $40,000 in travel and equipment for the Cain campaign in February and March.

"I am aware of the report. I just heard about it yesterday. We are doing a full investigation of it, and if there were any improprieties, we will go back and amend the FEC report," Cain told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. "The last thing I want to do is anything illegal or something that we shouldn't do. So at this point, we're going back through and double-checking and making sure we have all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed."

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO has already endured a bruising news cycle since acknowledging on Monday that he faced sexual harassment allegations while at the National Restaurant Association, allegations he admitted had led to a settlement (the details of which he said he didn't recall).

Cain promised to make public the results of the inquiry into Prosperity USA.

"As soon as we know what's what, we will not only issue a press release, we will let you know what exactly we found out," he said, "and if there are any improprieties, we will correct them."

Cain otherwise embarked Tuesday on Day Two of a national media tour to push back on Monday's story about the alleged sexual harassment. He defended himself from perceived inconsistencies after he admitted on Fox News last night that there was, in fact, a settlement paid to one accuser after Cain had initially denied any such payout.

"This happened 12 years ago, so I have been trying to recollect all of the various pieces of this throughout all day yesterday," he said. "The best account is the one that I did on [Fox] later that evening -- not changing the story, but trying to fill in as many details as I could possibly recall."

Cain did boast, though, that the scrutiny his campaign had endured as a result of the original Politico story had resulted in a spike in online fundraising on Monday.

"Yesterday, with the firestorm, was one of our best fundraising days online ever, since the campaign started," he boasted.