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Tag-teaming Romney

In the spring of 2008, the Hillary Clinton and John McCain campaigns ganged up on then-Democratic front-runner Barack Obama -- often hitting him with the same lines of attack. He's too inexperienced. He's naive on foreign policy. His promises aren't based in reality.

And the one-two punch certainly bruised Obama, although not enough to deny him the Democratic nomination or stop his decisive general-election victory.

Now we're seeing a similar sort of tag-teaming, with the Obama White House and Rick Perry making the same exact attacks on presumptive GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

Just check out what White House senior adviser David Plouffe said on "Meet the Press" yesterday, and what Perry said on "Fox News Sunday," per NBC's Sarah Blackwill:

Perry: He's been for pro-abortion.

Plouffe: He was an extremely pro-choice governor. Now he believes that life begins at conception.

Perry: He's been for, you know, supporting gay rights.

Plouffe: He was to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights issues. Now he wants to amend the Constitution to further gay marriage.

Perry: We are very, very different from the standpoint of consistency.

Plouffe: What you need in that office is conviction. you've need to have a true compass and you've got to be willing to make tough calls.

*** UPDATE *** Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul emails First Read:
“Gov. Perry and President Obama have a lot in common, including their support for tuition breaks for illegal immigrants and opposition to a border fence. They also share abysmal jobs records. Under Rick Perry, Texas unemployment has doubled. And under President Obama more middle class American’s have lost their jobs than anytime in modern history. It is no wonder their only strategy is to issue false and negative attacks on Mitt Romney.”