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Obama agenda: Advisers hit the Sunday shows

Senior adviser David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign laid blame on congressional Republicans on Meet the Press: “Right now, we haven't been able to get largely Republicans in Congress to cooperate. So we're going to continue to push for things like cutting taxes for the middle class, putting construction workers back to work,” Plouffe said. “But in the meantime, the president's going to do everything he can, whether it's on housing, student loans, we're going to keep this up.” He also said Romney “has no core.”

David Axelrod on the economy yesterday on CNN: “The problems ... were years in the making. They are deep, they are complicated, and they’re going to require sustained perseverance and lots of ideas. There’s no silver bullet for them.”

“President Obama will issue an executive order on Monday that the administration hopes will help resolve a growing number of critical shortages of vital medicines used to treat life-threatening illnesses, among them several forms of cancer and bacterial infections,” the New York Times says.

President Obama at the National Italian-American Foundation: "I am biased, but I think Nancy was one of the best Speakers of the House this country ever had," Obama said after Pelosi had introduced him at the National Italian American Foundation gala, per The Hill. "She was no doubt the best Italian American Speaker of the House we ever had. And I believe that she will be the best Speaker of the House again in 2013." (A quick check of last names of past speakers shows there probably has never been an Italian-American speaker before.)

“Trick or treaters lucky enough to be allowed into the White House on Halloween will receive quite a treat - with a healthy twist,” the New York Daily News writes. “According to a press release, the White House will be giving out a box of special edition White House M&Ms, a proprietary sweet butter cookie and dried fruit.” On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Obama joked, "She's been giving, for the last few years, kids fruit and raisins in a bag. And I said, 'The White House is going to get egged. You need to throw some candy in there. A couple Reese's Pieces or something.’”